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10kbullets celebrates ten years with Carroll Jenkins top 10 must have home video releases 
Written by: on April 1st, 2014

Erotic Ghost Story  DVD  HK  R0  2007  Joy Sales
“If you are intrigued by the promise of a HK Cat III wuxia / action / sex / fantasy / revenge / romance / fairytale / horror film that makes the most of a meager budget, this is must see entertainment.”Carroll Jenkins

Long Arm of the Law  DVD  HK  R0  2009  Joy Sales
“This bleak and memorable crime story gains momentum as it snowballs into a ferocious juggernaut. No kidding.”Carroll Jenkins

Night of the Werewolf  DVD  US  R0  2007  BCI
“Night Of The Werewolf presents a classic Gothic horror with high production values [for a European genre film], enthralling locations, and an excellent cast. Spanish Castle Magic, indeed.”Carroll Jenkins

Yojimbo  DVD  US  R1  2007  Criterion
“Yojimbo is a blueprint that laid the ground work for western cinema and transformed modern Japanese cinema in its wake.”Ron Cotton

Black Pit Of Dr. M   DVD  US  R1  2006  Panik House
“Fernando Méndez carefully frames every composition and lights every corridor and room with the utmost care. His direction is nearly flawless through out as he creates one of the greatest gothic horror films ever committed to celluloid.”Michael Den Boer

Female Prisoner #701 Scorpion  DVD  US  R1  2004  Tokyo Shock
“Shunya Ito’s direction is inspired and what he achieves on an artistic level for such a low budget and genre film is astonishing. Meiko Kaji’s performance is dead on and she does for Mastu what Clint Eastwood did for Blondie in The Man With No Name trilogy. Female Prisoner 701 is the Citizen Kane of women in prison films.”Michael Den Boer

Eyes Without A Face  DVD  US  R1  2004  Criterion
“Eyes without a Face, is arguably one of the greatest Gothic horror films ever made with its perfect blend of beauty and the grotesque.”Cliff Wood

Kiss Me Deadly   DVD   US   R1   2001   MGM
“Kiss Me Deadly took the hardboiled detective genre formerly represented by the likes of The Maltese Falcon and upped the sleaze and violence exponentially. The novels were quite brutal, but here Mike Hammer is as much a heavy as the villains of the piece. The only likable characters are Mike’s friends, and God help them, because he’s WRONG. Includes the original ‘lost’ ending. – Carroll Jenkins

Spider Baby Directors Cut   DVD   US   R1   2007   Dark Sky
“Spider Baby is the first and best solo project from auteur Jack Hill who takes the Addams Family premise and runs rampant. The casting is absolutely impeccable and ranges from experienced to novice to end-of-the-road; and Hill gets incredible performances from each and every one. A certified black humor masterwork now in the director’s cut with restored footage.” – Carroll Jenkins

That Thing You Do! Extended   DVD   US   R1   2007  20th Century Fox
“That Thing You Do!” is the most important musical ever released because it depicts the most astounding and creative period in American music: the Garage Band era. It brings to life the sixties teenage electric combo sound in the wake of the Beatles and the British Invasion with an incredible eye for detail. Even better, the extended cut restores, along with Charlize Theron’s romance with the dentist, mostly early footage where the band attempt to come to terms with their swiftly mounting success and fame. “That Thing You Do!” is #1 on the charts.” – Carroll Jenkins

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