10,000 Bullets   Exploring the world of Cinema from the Arthouse to the Grindhouse™

3 Films By Louis Malle (Le Souffle au Coeur/ Lacombe, Lucien / Au Revoir, Les Enfants)
A Better Tomorrow
A Better Tomorrow (Ultimate Edition)
A Better Tomorrow 2
A Black Veil for Lisa (BluRay)
A Blade in the Dark – 88 Films (BluRay)
A Bullet for the General (BluRay)
A Day at the Beach
A Day Of Violence
A Fish Called Wanda – Arrow Video USA (BluRay)
A Fistful of Dollars
A Fistful of Dollars Comparison (MGM region 1 vs. region 2)
A Fistful of Dynamite
A Gun for One Hundred Graves
A Hard Day (BluRay)
A Kind of Loving – StudioCanal (BluRay)
A Kiss Before Dying – Kino Lorber (BluRay)
A Life Not to Follow
A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin
A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin (Media Blasters 2007 release)
A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin – Le Chat Qui Fume (BluRay / DVD / CD Combo)
A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin – Mondo Macabro (BluRay)
A Long Ride From Hell (Code Red)
A Man Called Magnum
A Man Escaped
A New Leaf – Olive Signature (BluRay)
A Place Beyond Shame
A Policewoman in New York (Mya Communication)
A Saint A Woman A Devil
A Small Circle Of Friends
A Tale Of Legendary Libido (Garoojigi)
A Tale of Sorrow (A Tale of Sadness And Sorrow)
A Touch of Genie – Vinegar Syndrome (BluRay / DVD Combo)
A Touch of Sin – Arrow Films (BluRay)
A Woman’s Torment – Vinegar Syndrome (BluRay / DVD Combo)
Aaah! Zombies!!
Abduction of an American Playgirl / Winter Heat
Abigail Lesley is Back in Town / Laura’s Toys
Able Edwards
Above the Law (Righting Wrongs/Zhi fa xian feng)
Absolute Beginners – Second Sight (BluRay)
Accident (BluRay)
ACDC: Family Jewels
Ace (Asso)
Ace High
Adam Chaplin: Violent Avenger
Adam’s Jacket
Addicted, The (Rehab)
Adieu Galaxy Express 999
Adua and Her Friends
Adua and Her Friends (BluRay)
Adventures of a Plumber’s Mate
Adventures of a Private Eye
Adventures of a Taxi Driver
Adventures of Electra Elf, The
After the Fox (BluRay)
Aftermath (Akibet)
Afternoon Delights / Slave of Pleasure
Against All Hope
Agent 69 Jensen – In The Sign of Sagittarius
Agent 69 Jensen – In The Sign of Scorpio
Agent 69 Jensen Double Feature (Agent 69 Jensen – In The Sign of Scorpio / Agent 69 Jensen – In The Sign of Sagittarius)
Aimed School, The
Air I Breathe, The (BluRay)
Alcove, The
Alfredo, Alfredo
Alice (Woody Allen: Seven Films – 1986-1991) – Arrow Academy (BluRay)
Alice Goodbody (Gosh! or How to Succeed in Hollywood Without Really Acting)
Alice in Wasteland
Alice in Wonderland (1976)
Alice in Wonderland (Code Red)
Alice Sweet Alice (88 Films)
Alien 2 On Earth (BluRay)
Alien from the Deep
Alien Thunder
Alien Time Machine: Encounters From Another Dimension
All Ladies Do it – Arrow Video (BluRay / DVD Combo)
All Monsters Attack: Comparison (Madmen Entertainment vs. Classic Media)
All The Colors of The Dark
All The Colors of The Dark :Comparison (Marketing Film vs. Shriek Show)
All the Sins of Sodom: Limited Edition – Vinegar Syndrome (BluRay / DVD Combo)
All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records
Alley Cat
Alligator (The Big Alligator River)
Almost Human
Along Comes the Tiger
Alraune (1952)
Altar of Lust / Angel On Fire
Altin çocuk (Golden Boy)
Altitude (BluRay)
Amateur Porn Star Killer
Amazon Jail
Amer (BluRay)
American Dreamer, The (BluRay / DVD Combo)
American Fetish
American Horror Project Volume 1: Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood / The Witch Who Came from the Sea / The Premonition – Arrow Video USA (BluRay / DVD Combo)
American Nightmare (Katarina’s Nightmare Theater)
American Nudes – Volumes I, II & III
American Nudie Classics
American Punks
American Vampire
Amicus Collection: And Now The Screaming Starts! – Severin Films (BluRay)
Amicus Collection: Asylum – Severin Films (BluRay)
Amicus Collection: Beast Must Die, The – Severin Films (BluRay)
Amsterdamned: Limited Edition – Blue Underground (BluRay / DVD Combo)
Amuck! – Camera Obscura (BluRay / CD Combo)
An American Hippie in Israel (DVD / BluRay Combo)
An Erotic Vampire in Paris Collection (An Erotic Vampire in Paris / An Erotic Werewolf in London / Purgatory Blues)
An Obession
And Now The Screaming Starts!
Androcles And The Lion
Angel (Fighting Madam, Iron Angels, Midnight Angels)
Angel Guts
Angel’s Dance
Angel-A (BluRay)
Angels Brigade
Angels of Darkness (Styria)
Anger, The (La Rabbia)
Angst – Cult Epics (BluRay)
Animal Factory – Arrow Video USA (BluRay)
Animal Treasure Island
Animalada (Animal)
Anna the Pleasure, The Torment (Secrets of a Call Girl)
Anna to the Infinite Power
Another Lonely Hitman
Another Woman (Woody Allen: Seven Films – 1986-1991) – Arrow Academy (BluRay)
Anticipation / Flesh Pond
Apache Woman (Una Donna chiamata Apache)
Apartment, The: Limited Edition – Arrow Academy USA (BluRay)
Aphrodisiac! The Sexual Secret of Marijuana
Apocalypse Oz
Appointment with Crime (BluRay)
Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion
Arizona Colt Returns
Army Of The Dead
Art of Love
Ashanti (BluRay / DVD Combo)
Ashes and Diamonds – Arrow Academy (Dual Format DVD / BluRay)
Assassin’s Blade, The (BluRay)
Assassin, The – Well Go USA (BluRay)
Assassination (BluRay)
Assassins, The (BluRay)
Assault Girls
Assault! Jack the Ripper
Assault! Jack the Ripper (Mondo Macabro)
Asylum (aka I Want to Be a Gangster)
At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul / This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse (Synapse Films)
Atomic Brain Invasion
Ator The Fighting Eagle (Katrina’s Kat Skratch Cinema)
Attack of the Robots
Attention (L’attenzione)
Attorney, The
Attraction (Nerosubianco)
Audition – Arrow Video (BluRay)
Automobile, The (L’Automobile)
Avengers, The: Season Five – StudioCanal (BluRay)
Avengers, The: Season Four – StudioCanal (BluRay)
Avenging Fist, The
Aventures Galantes de Zorro, Les
Avon 7 Triple Feature (Slave of Pleasure / Prisoner of Pleasure / My Mistress Electra)
Avon Triple Feature: Savage Sadists / Den of Dominance / Daughters of Discipline
Aztec Mummy Collection (Attack Of The Aztec Mummy/Curse Of The Aztec Mummy/The Robot Vs. The Aztec Mummy)
Azumi 2
Cartes sur table (Attack of the Robots)
Coffin Joe Collection – Anchor Bay UK (At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul / This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse)
Coffin Joe Collection – Anchor Bay UK (Strange World of Coffin Joe / Awakening Of The Beast)
Columbia Pictures Pre-Code Collection (Arizona / Ten Cents a Dance / Virtue / Three Wise Girls / Shopworn)
Cry for Cindy / Touch Me / Act of Confessions
Dario Argento’s Door Into Darkness
Dario Argento’s Phantom of The Opera
Edgar Allan Poe Collection Volume 1: Annabel Lee
Fernando Arrabal Collection 2, The (The Emperor Of Peru / Car Cemetery)
Film Trilogy by Ingmar Bergman, A
Films of Kenneth Anger, The (Volume 1)
Fistful of Dynamite Comparison, A
Godzilla: All Monsters Attack
Hercules (1983) / The Adventures of Hercules
Jekyll and Hyde Portfolio / A Clockwork Blue (Limited Edition BluRay / DVD Combo)
Ken Russell: The Great Passions – BFI (BluRay / DVD Combo)
Louis Malle Collection – Volume 1 (Ascenseur/ Les Amants/ Zazie Dans Le Metro / Le Feu Follet)
Men From The Gutter (An qu)