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Alraune (1952)
Property is No Longer a Theft – Arrow Academy USA (BluRay / DVD Combo)
Residence for Spies
Story of Sin – Arrow Academy USA (BluRay / DVD Combo)
Angst – Cult Epics (BluRay)
Phaedra – Olive Films (BluRay)
Yakuza Wolf: I Perform Murder
Sword Master – Well Go USA (BluRay / DVD Combo)
Witchtrap – Vinegar Syndrome (BluRay / DVD Combo)
Mondo Weirdo / Vampiros Sexos – Cult Epics (BluRay / DVD / CD Combo)
Creeping Garden, The – Arrow Academy USA (BluRay / DVD / CD Combo)
Lovers on the Bridge, The – Kino Lorber (BluRay)
Three – Well Go USA (BluRay)
Pieces: Limited Edition – Arrow Video (BluRay / DVD / CD Combo)
Lino Brocka: Two Films (Manila in the Claws of Light / Insiang) – BFI (BluRay)
Drive in Delirium: Hi Def Hysteria – Maximum 80’s Overdrive (BluRay)