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Hot & Saucy Pizza Girls
Undergraduate, The (Four Film Collection)
Nympho Cycler (Four Film Collection)
Young Marrieds, The (Five film collection)
Necromania A Tale Of Weird Love (Four Film Collection)
Vintage Erotica anno 1970
42nd Street Forever – The Peep Show Collection Volume 2
A Saint A Woman A Devil
Altar of Lust / Angel On Fire
42nd Street Forever – The Peep Show Collection
Sadie / The Seductress
Deep Roots / Starlet Nights
Abduction of an American Playgirl / Winter Heat
Oui, Girls
New York Fantasy Club Grindhouse Triple Feature (Fantasy Club / Road Service / Easy Money)
Sexual Insanity Collection (Sexual Insanity / Girls in the Band / The Family / Skin-mag Confidential)
Naughty Nurses of the 1970s Grindhouse Double Feature (The Nurses / Sue Prentiss R.N.)