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  • Here at 10kbullets we are all about spreading the word about the films we love and went it comes to adult cinema there is no better website then The Rialto Report.

    Here are links to their two latest podcasts.

    Ginger Lynn is an actress, artist, and radio show host.

    And in the 1980s, she was an adult film star. One of the biggest. And in some ways, the modern adult film industry started with her.

    She began as an actress when adult films were still films – appearing with many of the names that had helped create the industry in the first place – from John Holmes to Jamie Gillis, Harry Reems and John Leslie.

    But then as film turned to video, and the lead actresses became contract girls and featured dancers, Ginger Lynn became a superstar and one of the most popular actresses in adult film history.

    She marked a new type of performer – she was one of the first contract girls with Vivid Entertainment, and brought a mid 80s rock star glamor to the business.

    Ginger was the girl next door… if you happened to live next door to a stunning sex goddess, who had her own line of videos, and dated mainstream figures like Billy Idol, George Clooney and… yes, Charlie Sheen.

    Ginger is more modest about herself. When she started out she couldn’t act and she couldn’t dance, she says. She never found herself particularly attractive or even that sexual. She thought she’d only make a couple of films and nobody would notice her.

    So how did Ginger Lynn become one of the most recognizable stars of adult film? What does she remember about her time in the business, and how does she remember her fellow stars – like Nina Hartley, Annette Haven or Traci Lords, on whose behalf she was called on to testify against the porn industry?

    On this episode of The Rialto Report, Ginger Lynn joins April Hall to look back at a career that has spanned four decades, and shows no signs of slowing down.

    Hyapatia Lee was always an instantly recognizable figure in the adult films and magazines of the 1980s; she was a strong and striking presence with an unusual Native American persona, which it turned out was more than just a character – Hyapatia is one-quarter Cherokee which was and is a proud part of her heritage.

    Hyapatia LeeBut her wholesome image masked a troubled life; she grew up raised by her grandmother and thinking that her mother was actually her sister. She suffered abuse and rape, and, in part as a response to these terrible events, developed dissociative identity disorder – commonly referred to as having multiple personalities.

    She dreamt of singing and dancing on Broadway – but instead became a stripper and then an actress in adult movies. She was one of the first genuine stars and contract girls – first with Harry Mohney’s Caribbean Films and then with Vivid.

    She starred in a string of hugely successful films, including ‘The Ribald Tales of Canterbury’ which she also wrote and was one of the most expensive pornographic movies of the era.

    At the same time she had a parallel career as a singer with her own band – and recorded a couple of CDs.

    But controversy was never far away, whether it was her continuing mental illness, her marriage to her manager and frequent co-star Bud Lee, or the rumors that she faked her death to leave the industry or to increase merchandise sales.

    To set the record straight, she published an autobiography in 2000 – but the Hyapatia Lee story didn’t stop there. In 2013 she appeared under her real name on the reality TV show ‘Gigolos’ as a client for one of the male leads and at the age of 53 engages in an unsimulated sex scene. Today she lives in Colorado growing marijuana and writing for the pro-cannabis magazine ‘High Times’.

    On this episode, Hyapatia Lee joins April Hall to look back at her eventful life.

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