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  • Here at 10kbullets we are all about spreading the word about the films we love and went it comes to adult cinema there is no better website then The Rialto Report.

    Here are links to their two latest podcasts.

    Michelle Maren’s life has been eventful, surprising and difficult.

    So much so that she has recently finished a documentary, ‘An Autobiography of Michelle Maren’ which she co-directed with award-winning filmmaker, Michel Negroponte. The film is starting to appear in film festivals around the country.

    It recounts her troubled beginnings as a victim of abuse and domestic violence. By the age of 17 in 1979, she was homeless, living on the streets of New York, spending her days in Times Square and her nights in flophouses. The next years were a bewildering blur: she won the Miss Big Apple beauty contest and for a while was Tiny Tim’s support act. She worked in a succession of jobs – an increasing number of them in the sex industry, from sexual surrogate, go-go dancer, escort, and as a model in men’s magazines.

    And all that was before Michelle even entered the adult film industry. In 1984, she starred in Gerard Damiano’s ‘Deep Throat’ sequel ‘Throat… 12 Years After’ (1984), and had parts in Henri Pachard’s ‘Public Affairs’ (1983), the ‘Flashdance’ adult film spoof ‘Flash Pants’ (1983), and others.

    She stopped making films as mental illness and depression threatened to engulf her, and started her journey to recovery. For years lived she lived quietly, privately, virtually cut off from the outside world. Which makes her documentary all the more startling. It’s a remarkably open and brutally honest telling of her story.

    On today’s episode, Michelle looks back and remembers her years in New York and her time making adult films.

    Brace yourself.

    When we contacted Sharon Kelly to request a Rialto Report interview with her, we suggested the conversation might take a couple of hours. She wrote back immediately expressing mild surprise that anyone would want to listen to her for that long.

    Actually to be more precise she said: “Jesus Christ – two hours?! I wouldn’t listen to George Clooney beg to have sex with me whilst a resurrected John Lennon plays background music especially written for the occasion for that long”.

    Well – that’s where we differ. Because Sharon Kelly is one of the rare actresses whose career straddled two very different eras. After dancing in clubs, from the notorious Clermont Lounge in Atlanta to the Classic Cat in Hollywood, she starred in a string of mid 1970s sexploitation films, many produced by Harry Novak. Along the way she also made appearances in Russ Meyer’s Supervixens (1975) and two of the Ilsa women in prison films – and had cameo parts in mainstream films like Hustle (1975) with Burt Reynolds and Shampoo (1975) with Warren Beatty.

    Sharon_Kelly_12_RRShe usually played wholesome though naïve girls, and her busty, freckled redhead looks invariably lit up the screen.

    Then she abruptly disappeared for several years before reappearing in the 1980s – except this time she was called Colleen Brennan and she was making hardcore films. She won new generation of fans and a string of acting awards before retiring once again.

    On this episode, Sharon remembers her two careers in film, her dancing years, softcore, hardcore, marriages, reform schools, phone sex lines, raising a daughter, cocaine, Ron Jeremy at the buffet table of Plato’s Retreat, and stories of Burt Reynolds, Warren Beatty and Roman Polanski.

    And how good is it? Almost as good as listening to George Clooney beg to have sex with you while a resurrected John Lennon plays background music especially written for the occasion.

    This episode’s running time is 72 minutes.

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